The Sensor Signal Processing Group is based in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Adelaide, South Australia, under the leadership of Professor Doug Gray.

Projects are supported by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sensor Signal and Information Processing (CSSIP) and contract research work from the Defence Science and Technology Organistaion (DSTO).

The Group researches the use of statistical signal processing to extract useful information for the detection, characterisation and recognition of objects in noisy environments.

Current project areas are:

GPS Signal Processing
Developing adaptive algorithms and hardware to mitigate the effect of interferences on GPS systems.


Radar Processing and Classification
Synthetic Aperture Radar forms a major focus for signal processing research. Classification of images from Navigation and ISAR radars have been investigated. Digital beamforming for radar.


Image Processing
The application of image processing techniques to infra-red sensors

for small target detection and tracking, object recognition and localisation and ship classification.


Statistical Signal Processing
Applications include MIMO systems, characterisation of ambient noise on electricty grids, multi-target tracking and classification and sonar tracking.

Projects include the geolocation of objects in video images, radar geolocation using multiple UAVs and super-resolution using video images.